College Park Missionary Church Leadership

The Congregation

We are a congregational church, which means our congregation are the real ministers of the church. The church staff is here to equip our congregation to serve, not to serve our congregation. That mean everyone who calls College Park home should have an active role among us!

The Leadership Team

That also means that the people of our congregation, through the Holy Spirit's guidance, determine the direction we go.  The congregation identifies Elders to provide more direct spiritual oversight and to support the staff and ministry leaders of our church.

The Board of Elders is comprised of members of the local body who provide general watch-care and oversight. They continually evaluate the teaching ministry of the church and review major ministry decisions and strategic initiatives. They use their wisdom, discernment, and shepherding gifts to ensure that the church remains on a true course biblically. Scripture indicates that the ultimate decision-making authority in the church rests with the elders.

Our current Board of Elders is:

Anita Weaver

Mike Jagger

Tom Maxwell

  • tom maxwell

    Lead Pastor

    Pastor Tom grew up in southwest Michigan and married his high school sweetheart, Lisa. Their family served more than 7 years as missionaries in the northern mountains of the Philippines. Pastor Tom became the Lead Pastor in 2018. His heart is to equip the saints for ministry and proclaim the great message of hope found in Jesus. 

    In addition to time with his family, Pastor Tom enjoys being outdoors and serving as a firefighter in his community.