College Park Cares

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has altered the ways people interact and society works; this includes how the church gathers.  College Park is taking active measures to safeguard against negligent transmission of infectious disease while at the same time recognizing the value of physical gatherings.  Below is a discussion of some of the more visible actions and guidelines.  If you have questions, please contact us.

Current Expectations

While there are varying opinions about what precautions are appropriate, it is the privilege of Christ's followers to lay aside our own comfort and preferences for the sake of others.  In order to care for the most vulnerable among us, below is a summary of the most visible precautions we are observing at this time.  These guidelines are subject to change due to changes in conditions or official recommendations.

  • Family Worship

    During this time, we are asking households to sit together.  No childcare is currently being offered, though space is available for parents to take their children if the seat becomes too restrictive or the Sanctuary too quiet for wiggles and giggles.  Activity bags are also available which are assigned to a specific child and then reserved for their next visit.


    In accordance with state and local guidelines, those not yet fully vaccinated are encouraged to wear masks at public gatherings.  We encourage consideration of others' vulnerability and sensitivity regarding infection control practices.

  • Call for prayer

    If you are sick - whether COVID or some other contagious illness - please stay home and call (574-255-5338) or email to be added to our prayer list.  You can find our most recent sermon podcast online.