New to College Park?

Visiting a church for the first time can be an intimidating experience. We hope you will enjoy the family atmosphere of College Park. Our gatherings are intended to connect all who gather with the Good News of Jesus spiritually, intellectually, and relationally. 

Our Sunday Celebration opens as people gather during the 9AM hour to prepare for worship and to connect with each other.  At 10AM, we gather in the Sanctuary for worship and teaching.  We honor God through an engaging combination of traditional hymns and contemporary worship. We grow in our understanding of God and are challenged to follow Him more closely through biblical teaching.

After our official gathering comes to a close, it is common for people to stay for a while to talk and share.  That is a nice thing about being a church family.  During the school year, our youth (Teens-to-Twenties, a.k.a. T2T) usually stay for lunch with Pastor Tom and Lisa in the Fellowship Hall. 

If you are not able to join in-person, you are welcome to listen to our latest podcast online.  

What to Expect

We want to provide an environment that connects you with God and our College Park family. Below are answers to some questions which may help you know what to expect.

What should I wear?

Whatever makes you comfortable. Depending on the weather, you may see shorts and sandals as well as suits and ties. Our worship gatherings are important to us, but we encourage you to be yourself!

Do I need to sing?

Music is an incredible way to worship God, so we worship through music. Everyone is encouraged, though not required, to join in our corporate worship experience. Our musicians desire to lead us into worship rather than have us watch a performance.

What about my children?

We value children in our church family! At this time, we ask that households remain together during our Sunday Celebration. If the seat becomes too restrictive or the gathering too quiet for your children, we have a space you can take them because sometimes wiggles and giggles can't be held back. From the adjacent "Wiggle Room," you can still see the stage and hear the worship and message. 

Will I be asked for money?

No. If you are new to our community, just enjoy our celebration and allow our church family the privilege of participating in the ministry of the church through giving. Offering boxes are placed at the entrance/exits for people to express their trust and thankfulness for God's provision through giving.

What is the teaching like?

We believe strongly in the truth and relevance of God's Word, so every message is based on the Bible and what it teaches. The message is usually presented by Pastor Tom Maxwell, sometimes as a sermon, often as a more interactive discussion. Our hope is that you will receive encouragement and be challenged to live out God's plan for your life.

How long does your Sunday Celebration last?

At this time, our Sunday Celebration begins at 10AM and lasts about an hour to an hour and a half.

Still have more questions?

Send us an email or give us a call at 574-255-5338.